Estimating how much slip and fall accident is worth Kansas City Accident Injury AttorneysIf you were hurt in a slip and fall accident at a business or in someone’s home in Kansas or Missouri, you may need to file a claim with their insurance company. Having an idea for how much you could receive in a settlement is an important consideration for deciding whether it's worth your time to pursue a case.

Compensation You Can Receive for Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

Financial recovery is based on the value of your claim. You're entitled to damages such as past and future:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

But determining the amount of damages is complicated, and something you can't do without legal assistance. There are numerous factors that can strengthen—or weaken—your case and influence how much you can realistically expect to receive in a settlement or a jury verdict.

Disputes about liability

You must prove the negligence of the business or property owner caused your injuries. If there are legitimate disputes about their liability, this could weaken your case. When you have strong evidence that the responsible party knew or should have known about a dangerous condition and did nothing to remove or announce the hazard, this increases the likelihood you'll receive a proper settlement.

Severity of your injuries

If you suffered a traumatic brain injury, back and spinal injuries, or paralysis, you'd need more expensive, long-term medical treatments and will be off work for longer—if you're not permanently disabled. This increases the value of your claim and the amount of compensation you deserve for extended care and coverage for daily needs.

Your negligence

Your partial fault in causing your fall can reduce the value of your claim. In Missouri, the amount of compensation you can receive is reduced by your percentage of fault, but you're still entitled to some compensation.

In Kansas, your compensation would also be reduced based on your percentage of fault. However, you won't be able to recover any damages if you were found to be 50 percent or more negligent.

Were You Injured In a Kansas City Area Slip and Fall Accident?

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