When travelling along the roadway, a truck driver must be able to react to a potentially dangerous situation in order to avoid a crash. Studies have shown that it takes most people approximately 0.7 of a second to react to a situation and take evasive or defensive action against it. This appears to be true regardless of a driver’s background and training. Instead, it depends on basic human physiology and the interaction of the brain, nervous, and muscular systems. There are other factors, however, that can influence a truck driver’s reaction time.

Factors Contributing to a Truck Driver’s Reaction

When determining fault after a truck accident, an investigator may consider whether the truck driver’s reaction time was impaired in any way. Factors that can decrease a truck driver’s ability to react include:

  • not paying proper attention to the roadway
  • driving too fast for the conditions
  • impairments such as lack of proper rest or driving under the influence of drugs, medication, or alcohol

Since the size and weight of large trucks makes it more difficult for these vehicles to stop or maneuver, it is extremely important for drivers to have the maximum possible reaction time to prevent a crash. A new safety technology, called vehicle-to-vehicle communication, will begin rolling out over the next two years and may provide drivers of all vehicles with greater awareness of the activity of drivers around them, increasing their potential reaction time to dangerous situations.

Until this and other safety features are developed and implemented, accidents involving large trucks will continue to occur. After an injury, it is crucial to take the proper steps in order to protect your ability to obtain compensation. 

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