If you instinctively ease off the throttle when you go through an intersection, you’re doing a lot to prevent a serious bike crash. The design of a roadway can play a big part in a road accident, and intersections—particularly t-junctions—are the site of many motorcycle crashes. The most statistically dangerous intersections are those with no lights or signs to guide fast-moving drivers.

Here are just a few ways intersections pose a threat to motorcycle riders:

  • Traffic lights. A four-way stop is particularly dangerous when a rider passes beneath a traffic light. Cars on all sides pose a potential threat, especially during rush hour or in an area where the traffic lights are not timed properly to cope with heavy traffic.
  • Road surface. The middle of an intersection is a highly-traveled area, and is likely to have potholes, gravel, muddy banks, sand, grating, and other problems with the road surface. They are also a frequent gathering place for road debris, puddles backing up from sewers, and oil slicks from leaking cars.
  • T-bone collisions. Intersections pose a danger for two kinds of t-bone accidents: those where the driver strikes the side of a motorcycle, and those where a car pulls into a motorcycle’s path. Bikers are often blamed for many of these accidents, despite the fact that they are much more likely to be seriously injured than the driver of the car.

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