What not to say to a insurance adjuster after a motorcycle accident Kansas City Accident Injury AttorneysYou shouldn't be surprised to receive a call within days of your crash from the insurance adjuster for the negligent driver who caused your motorcycle accident—maybe while you're still in the hospital. He's contacting you to investigate the cause of the collision and resolve your claim. However, you need to be extremely careful when talking to him.

What Not to Say to the Insurance Company

You can seriously weaken your claim by talking to the insurance company on your own. While some insurance adjusters are just trying to do their jobs and settle your case, others will try to look for information they can use to pay less than you deserve, or deny your claim altogether. If you haven't been able to hire an attorney to speak on your behalf, here's what to know before talking with the adjuster.

Don't Admit Partial Fault

Even if you believe you did something to cause the crash, don't admit any fault. Additionally, make statements such as “I’m sorry,” because they may be misconstrued as an admission of guilt.

Don't Say Your Injuries Aren't Serious

When it's so soon after your accident, you may not experience all the injury symptoms or know how serious they are. Trying to downplay your injuries might give the insurance company ammunition with which to argue later that you only suffered minor injuries.

Don't Answer Questions About the Crash

You might not be thinking clearly if you suffered injuries and are on medications and receiving other medical treatment. State "I'm not able to answer these questions at this time." Also, never answer questions that you don't know the answers to because these statements might come up later in your claim examination.

Don't Agree to Give a Recorded Statement

A recorded statement is a question and answer session with the insurance adjuster later transcribed into a written document. Even if you're careful, you could say something that hurts your case, or provide an answer to a tricky or confusing question that you didn't mean to say.

Don't Agree to Sign a Medical Release

An insurance company’s medical release form most likely allows the carrier to obtain all of your medical records, which contain irrelevant and private information about you that has nothing to do with the current situation. An adjuster could use this information to argue that your injuries were caused by a prior incident.

What should you do if the insurance adjuster calls you? Politely refuse to answer his questions and tell him that you'll have your attorney contact him. Then, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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