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How should I handle an insurance adjuster who keeps calling and calling me after my I-70 motorcycle accident?

Insurance adjusters are often eager to speak to motorcycle accident victims as soon as possible, and, it seems, as often as possible in the days following motorcycle crashes. Often, insurance adjusters will seem sympathetic to your accident injuries. The adjuster assigned to your case may tell you that he wants to settle your case quickly so that you can get a fair recovery and move on with your life. Yet you aren’t sure what a fair recovery looks like and you don’t like being pressured by the insurance adjuster.

Accordingly, it is important for you to provide the insurance adjuster with the name and contact information for your I-70 motorcycle accident attorney. You may feel pressured by the insurance adjuster because you are being pressured by the insurance adjuster. The adjuster wants you to settle quickly and accept a low amount for your accident injuries so that the adjuster can maximize the profits of the insurance company for which he works.

You do not have to deal with this pressure immediately following your motorcycle accident. The law gives you some time to consult with doctors and lawyers to figure out exactly what your injuries are, what your damages are, and whether you have the legal right to pursue a recovery. For more information about what to do when an insurance adjuster keeps calling you, please contact our experienced I-70 motorcycle accident injury lawyers today at (816) 471-5111 or (888) 348-2616 and please read our free book, Don’t Wreck Your Injury Claim, for more information about your rights and possible recovery.

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