It’s something we hear time and time again. Smart people trust the wrong people. You are probably injured, scared, and frustrated. It makes sense that you want to believe what the trucking company is saying. Unfortunately, doing so can often leave you to pay for another person’s mistake.

This might surprise you, but the trucker has no say in what happens in your case. In fact, trucking companies insure their drivers and cover them with special insurance plans. The adjusters that work on truck accident cases in Kansas City operate exclusively with these types of collisions. These are very different from car accident cases in that:

  • Truckers have different safety standards that they are required to meet.
  • Truckers operate under federal regulations that are different than personal vehicles.
  • Truckers must have background checks performed before operating the vehicle.
  • Truckers have a variety of regulations on how many hours they can be on the road.

Because of these core differences between car accidents and truck accidents, proving your case requires a unique set of evidence and a wealth of experience working with and learning trucking company policies. These cases move fast and if you don’t provide the type of evidence the insurance adjuster needs to approve your settlement in a timely manner, your settlement could be at risk.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to put someone knowledgeable on your side. With help from one of our Kansas City truck accident attorneys, you can learn the tactics used by the trucking company against you. You can also learn how to fight back and how to get the settlement you deserve.

If you know of someone struggling with a trucking company insurance adjuster right now, we encourage you to send this article to him or her. You never know what it could do for the outcome of their future.

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