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What should I tell my teenager to do if he is hurt in a car accident on Truman Road?

As the parent of a teen in the Independence area, the thought of your child driving—or being a passenger—in a car on Truman road can be frightening. The number of cars traveling the road can be challenging for experienced and novice drivers alike. Accordingly, it is important that your child know what to do if he is driving a vehicle that is involved in a car accident.

You should encourage your child to call 911 if the Truman Road accident has occurred in a dangerous location, such as in front of Van Horn High School, or in the Maywood Business District, or if anyone has been injured in the crash. After the accident, the police should be called as soon as possible so that they can investigate the crash and prevent further collisions. While the police are on their way, your child should be polite and show his license, registration and insurance information, but he should not apologize for the accident.

Please encourage your child to accept medical help if he is hurt. If he is able to do so then he should also call you and encourage any passengers to call their parents.  Additionally, if he is able to, he should take pictures at the accident scene and write down the names of witnesses.

Then, together, you and your teen can call an Independence car accident lawyer to discuss the next steps. If your child has been hurt then we encourage you to call us today at 888-348-2616. We also welcome you to read our FREE book Don’t Wreck Your Injury Claim to learn more.

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