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I love my husband and hate that he has suffered a spinal cord injury in a Kansas City accident. While I am primarily concerned with my husband’s recovery, we are also suffering financially. Not only have we lost my spouse’s income, but we’ve also lost mine, since he needs 24 hour care. How will we pay our bills?

We are sorry to hear of your husband’s accident and resulting injuries. Spinal cord injuries, as you know all too well, can be devastating. While your husband’s doctors work on his physical recovery, an experienced Kansas City spinal cord injury attorney may be able to help with your legal and financial recovery.

Specifically, if your husband’s accident was caused by someone else’s negligent or intentional actions, then you may be able to recover legal damages. Damages may include compensation for past and future medical expenses, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses and pain and suffering. If your husband requires around-the-clock medical care, then that cost may be recoverable in a legal action.


Your family is suffering enough. The physical and emotional consequences of a Kansas City spinal cord injury are hard enough. You should not have to suffer the financial consequences as well.


Accordingly, our Kansas City personal injury lawyers invite you to learn more about how to protect your rights in our FREE book, Don’t Wreck Your Injury Claim, and encourage you to contact an experienced Kansas City SCI lawyer today at (816) 471- 5111 or (888) 348-2616.

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