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I signed a consent form, does this mean that I cant sue for medical malpractice?

Many medical treatments are risky and can lead to complications. The normal risks and possible complications related to a medical procedure are not considered medical malpractice. When you sign a consent form, you are indicating that you understand there may be risks or complications that are associated with your medical treatment. And, your doctor should make sure that you understand these normal risks before you undergo the procedure. He should also answer any questions you may have.   
Signing Medical Consent Form
However, signing a consent form does not mean that you agree to be a victim of medical malpractice. Your consent to treatment does not give your doctor permission to leave a sponge in your abdomen, do surgery on the wrong side, mix-up your chart with another patient’s, prescribe the wrong medicine, misdiagnose, or otherwise provide negligent or inadequate care.  If you are a victim of a medical mistake or negligence, you can certainly sue for malpractice.  Contact the Kansas City medical malpractice lawyers at the Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys to learn more.
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