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I was injured on the job in Kansas City, forcing me to take off work for two weeks. Now the insurance company will only pay me for one week, instead of the two weeks I was out of work. How can the insurance company do that?

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 Under Kansas law you are not entitled to the wages you lost for the first seven days you are off work unless your total work time is more than 21 days.  In other words, in order for you to receive pay for the initial seven days you are off because of a workplace injury, you must be out of work for 21 days.  If you are off for only two weeks, you will only receive pay for the second week. 

In Missouri, the law only requires the first three days to remain unpaid unless you are out for two weeks or longer.  If you have questions about your Kansas or Missouri workplace injury case, be sure to contact us at 888-348-2616 for more information and a free initial consultation.

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