As of April 2012, the answer to your first question about a Kansas City texting-while-driving law depends on where in the Kansas City area you are and how old you are. Currently, Kansas law bans all drivers from texting and driving. Thus, if a driver in Kansas is texting and driving, then that driver has broken the law. In Missouri, the texting ban only applies to drivers age 21 and younger. Missouri does not yet have a state law prohibiting all drivers from texting and driving.

That said, a driver in Missouri who is texting and driving, like a driver in Kansas who is texting and driving, may be negligent if the texting and driving causes a distraction that results in an accident and injuries. If you are injured by a texting driver in either state, then it is important to contact an experienced Kansas City car accident lawyer for help.

An Independence, MO auto accident lawyer will investigate what caused your crash and fight hard for your just recovery of damages for past and future medical expenses, out-of-pocket costs, lost income and pain and suffering. 

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