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My Jeep has been braking without warning. Is anyone else having that problem?

Yes. In April 2014, Chrysler Group (the owner of Jeep and Dodge) recalled nearly 650,000 of its sport utility vehicles, including its Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango of the 2011–2014 model years. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the automaker acknowledged that some of these SUVs have a corroded brake booster that can allow the brakes to freeze in colder climates, making it more difficult to stop suddenly.

In the wake of this recent recall, Jeep is now under fire for additional brake problems in its Jeep Grand Cherokees—one that has the opposite effect. The NHTSA announced that it will investigate consumer complaints of automatic braking that can slow or stop the vehicle without warning. The NHTSA will examine over 20,000 Grand Cherokees from model year 2014 after receiving nine separate complaints of brake warnings, reduced speed, or unexplained braking that cause the vehicle to suddenly lose speed in traffic.

If Jeep is forced to recall its braking systems, it will mark the third open recall for the company in the past two months. The company recently announced a recall of certain 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango vehicles due to rear lower control arm fractures that can cause a sudden change in ride height and rear-end instability, increasing the risk of a crash; in June, Chrysler recalled many of its Dodge Rams, Challengers, Chargers, Durangos, Vipers, and several other vehicles due to non-secure vehicle software networks that can allow third-parties to gain access to the driver’s personal information.

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