Absolutely. Motorcycle tires are just as susceptible to manufacturing defects as car tires, but bikers do not have the added protection of an airbag and a steel cage surrounding them if their tires fail.

Whether tire failure happens instantly (a blowout), or gradually, it can be deadly for motorcycle riders and their passengers. In most cases, bikers do not hear their tires go flat. Instead, the steering will suddenly become “mushy” or heavy, affecting the biker’s ability to steer. As the tire loses pressure, the risk of an accident becomes more and more likely--especially if the biker is traveling at high speeds. Consider the risks of a loss of pressure in the:

  • Front wheel. A sudden loss of pressure in the front wheel is more likely to cause a sudden change in direction, and can even cause the bike to flip.
  • Back wheel. A rear tire blowout is more likely to affect a rider’s balance, as it often causes the motorcycle to sway from side to side or skid out of control.

In some cases, bikers are able to react quickly to avoid a crash by easing off the throttle and applying the brake of the tire that isn’t flat, keeping the handlebars as straight as possible. However, even if the biker makes it safely to the side of the road, he should dismount with caution, as he is still at risk of being struck by passing motorists.

Should You Pursue a Motorcycle Tire Failure Lawsuit?

While unsafe motorcycle tires are certainly dangerous, you will need to be able to prove that the tire was a major factor in causing your accident in order to win compensation. In most cases, this is done by having an attorney investigate the facts of your case to find out who is responsible for causing your injury. 

Have You Been Injured In A Motorcycle Accident?

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