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Who can I sue for my drunk driving accident in Missouri or Kansas?

Because you're more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries or death if a drunk driver causes your accident, it's vital to your recovery that you receive all of the compensation you deserve—for both past and future damages.

One way to do this is by investigating the liability of all possible parties that contributed to the incident. However, who could be liable in your drunk driving case is different if your collision happened in Kansas or Missouri.

Possible Responsible Parties in Your Kansas and Missouri Drunk Driving Case

beers_and_keysIn many states, a drunk driving victim has more potential liable parties to pursue claims against than in a traditional crash case.

Here are the entities that may be responsible in a drunk driving accident in Missouri and Kansas:

  • Driver. In both Kansas and Missouri, the drunk driver who caused your crash could be responsible for compensating for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
  • Bars and restaurants. Most states enacted dram shop laws that hold the individual or establishment who supplied the alcohol to the drunk driver responsible for injury compensation. In Missouri, owners of bars, taverns, and restaurants can face liability for serving alcohol to a visibly-intoxicated person, or any minor under 18. Kansas is one of the few states that doesn't have a dram shop law.
  • Social hosts. Social host laws stipulate that people who serve alcohol at their residences to a minor under 18, or to a person who is obviously intoxicated, can be sued by a victim of a drunk driving accident. Neither Missouri nor Kansas has a social host law. However, in Missouri, a social host who serves alcohol to a minor can face criminal charges with penalties of up to one year in jail.

Any car accident can be traumatic, but an alcohol-related crash resulting in serious injuries or death is especially difficult to endure. Our experienced car accident attorneys are here to help you pursue claims for compensation against the negligent driver and any other responsible parties. To get your questions answered and learn about your legal options, start an online chat to schedule your free consultation.


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