You’ve probably heard news stories about motorcycle crashes using the familiar language “the rider lost control of the bike.” While this may be true, the language makes it seem as if the motorcyclist is to blame—which may not be true even if his is the only vehicle that was damaged.

A single-bike accident is a type of motorcycle crash where a biker crashes into a stationary object. Single-bike collisions can have any number of causes, including negligence on behalf of someone other than the motorcyclist.

Motorcyclists may file a lawsuit after an accident if they were:

  • Pushed off the road. Just because only one vehicle was damaged doesn’t mean another driver is not to blame for the crash. Bikers may be driven off the road by aggressive or distracted drivers, but since the car does not make contact with the motorcycle, the accident is reported as a “single bike” crash.
  • Swerving to avoid an obstacle. Motorcyclists may need to take evasive action in order to avoid colliding with an object, such as potholes, fallen branches, and other obstacles. Municipalities can be held liable if they do not clear road debris or hazards quickly, or fail to warn of bikers of uneven pavement or loose gravel that can cause skids.
  • Experiencing mechanical failure. Many things can go wrong with a motorcycle that can lead to a crash, from installation of faulty or recalled parts to design issues with custom bikes.
  • A victim of defective repairs. If a motorcyclist recently took his bike in for maintenance only to suffer a crash due to unreliable replacement parts or faulty repair, the mechanic could be sued for negligence.

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We Can Tell You Who Is to Blame After a Single Bike Motorcycle Crash

It can be very difficult to get the compensation you are owed after a single-passenger motorcycle accident. Without proper investigation and evidence to back up your claim, your insurance company may deny your coverage and assume you are the only one to blame for your suffering. 

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