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My child may have been injured in a Kansas City car accident; what should I do?

Your child's safety and health are your first concern. If your child was in a Kansas City traffic accident, the first thing you should do is call 911. When you speak to the emergency dispatcher, let her know that there has been a car crash and that your child was in the car. Request that emergency medical services come to the scene to evaluate your child.

Even if your child has no obvious injuries, you will want to have him evaluated in an emergency room. An emergency room doctor will screen for life-threatening hidden injuries. Even if you get an all-clear from the emergency room, you will want to follow up with your child's regular pediatrician, especially if your child complains of dizziness, neck pain, back pain or headaches or if you notice any unusual behavior as these may be signs of serious injury.

The insurance company should cover all your child's accident-related expenses. If you have trouble getting compensation, a Kansas City auto accident lawyer can help. Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys has a "No Fee For Kids" program, contact us at 888-348-2616 to learn more.
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