Often child sexual abuse occurs when an organization is negligent in doing a background check before hiring staff. There may also be negligent supervision of staff. Any organization that deals with children has a legal responsibility to carefully screen their employees and any other adults that come into contact with children. They are also responsible for supervising the adult-child relationship.

It is important that parents report any inappropriate “touching” immediately. You should report it to the head of your child care program and you should report the incident to the police. Many parents think it is an extreme measure, but you should make a police report even if you suspect that something is wrong. Often children are exposed to abusive adults just because no one felt they had the grounds to make charges, just a suspicion. Our children are precious, even the suspicion of abuse is worth an investigation.
You will also want to find counseling for your child. MOSCA is a good Kansas City resource. 

Has Your Child Been Injured By The Negligence Of Others?

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