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My mother fell in her nursing home and broke her hip. Staff knew that she was a fall risk. Why was she allowed to get up without any precautions? Can a fall be a form of nursing home abuse or neglect? Should we contact a Kansas City nursing home abuse attorney?

In some cases a nursing home fall may be a form of nursing home abuse or neglect, particularly when the nursing home knew, or should have known, that a patient was a fall risk. Patients who are at risk of falling because of age or medical condition may need to have accommodations made for them. For example, they may need a nurse or an aide to accompany them to the bathroom or help them get into a wheelchair to move around the facility.

When appropriate accommodations are not made and the needs of the patient are not met, then the nursing home staff may have been neglectful in their care. Without reviewing your mother’s case, it is hard to know if her situation was a sad accident or the result of nursing home neglect.

We encourage you to contact an experienced Kansas City nursing home abuse attorney to learn more about whether the situation may have been a form of Kansas City nursing home neglect and whether you mother may have any rights to compensation.

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