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My sister-in-law received a $30,000 settlement when she broke her leg in a Cass County, MO car wreck. I have a similar injury, but my Missouri accident lawyer says it is worth only $10,000. Why aren't we getting the same amount for the same injury?

There are many factors that determine the amount of compensation one can receive in a Missouri motor vehicle accident injury case. These include:


  • The total amount of medical bills related to the injury
  • The extent of the injuries sustained in the Missouri car crash
  • The length of time that the victim was unable to work or engage in his normal activities due to the injury
  • The amount of income that the Missouri accident victim lost because of the injury
  • The amount of future income lost because of the injury
  • How much pain and suffering the injuries caused
  • Whether there were complications from the injury
  • Whether the injury victim was partially at fault for the accident


A Cass County, MO auto accident lawyer can determine what comprises a fair settlement in your situation.

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