While you know to seek prompt medical care if you suffered apparent injuries in a large truck accident, you may not believe this is necessary if you don't think you were hurt or only suffered minor injuries.

However, this isn't a good decision for your health or your claim for potential compensation. If you later discover your injuries are more severe than initially thought, it might be more challenging to seek damages from the negligent truck driver and trucking company.

Three Reasons to Seek Prompt Medical Care

When to see a doctor for a workers' comp claim Kansas City Accident Injury AttorneysIt's rare that a collision with a semi, big rig, 18-wheeler, tanker, or another large commercial vehicle won't cause injuries and property damages. No matter how much adrenaline is pumping through your body and blocking pain receptors, you must seek medical attention immediately after a crash.

Any delay might make even minor injuries worse, or symptom of more severe injuries could present later when it's more difficult to relate them to the incident.

Even when the liability of the trucker and transportation company is clear, an insurance company could use any delay on your part as a basis for denying or reducing the claim. Here are important reasons why you want to be examined by a doctor within 48 hours of your wreck:

Your Health.

As mentioned, the symptoms of some complicated, long-term injuries can take days or longer to develop. Traumatic brain injury, back and spinal injuries, and internal injuries are a few conditions that sometimes present multiple symptoms. A prompt examination by a healthcare professional helps you receive necessary treatment, documents the relatability of your condition to the crash, improve the likelihood of a robust recovery, and avoid a potential medical emergency due to undiagnosed issues.

Proof For Your Claim.

In both Kansas and Missouri, you have the burden of proving the truck operator and fleet company's negligence in causing your collision and your injuries. By seeking immediate medical care, your physician documents health concerns, which is vital evidence that your injuries were the result of the accident and not another incident.

Disputes With the Insurance Company.

While being treated by a doctor quickly won't help you avoid all conflicts with the carrier, the action weakens or eliminates its arguments that your injuries weren't caused by the crash or not that serious.

It's also important to retain a truck accident attorney soon after the incident to collect all aspects of evidence for the success of your claim. 

Have You Been Injured In A Truck Accident?

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