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The insurance company is not offering me enough money to replace my totaled motorcycle. What can I do?

If your motorcycle was totaled in a Kansas City motorcycle crash caused by somebody else, you have the right to expect the insurance company to pay to replace your motorcycle. However, many Kansas City motor vehicle accident victims find that the insurance company offers them a check for much less than the actual replacement costs of the vehicle. What can you do?
The insurance company’s goal is to make a profit. So, they make you a low offer and hope that you will take the money. However, if the settlement is not enough to replace your vehicle, you have options.
1. You can negotiate with the insurance company. You will need to provide proof that it will cost more to replace your motorcycle than the amount that they offering. Proof can include dealer quotes, newspaper ads, or Blue Book values for a similar vehicle.
2. You can hire a lawyer. A Kansas City motorcycle accident attorney can negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company and make sure you are fairly compensated for all the personal property damage you suffered in the crash.
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