talking to an adjuster after brain or spinal injury accident in KS or MOIf you suffered a brain injury or spinal cord injury in a car, truck, motorcycle, or another type of personal injury accident, you may receive a call from the negligent party’s insurance company even before you leave the hospital. Here are some valuable tips on how you or a family member can handle the call to protect your rights and not weaken the case.

Five Tips on How to Handle a Call From the Insurance Company

You're not required to talk to the insurance adjuster in order to file a claim for injury compensation. By hiring a knowledgeable brain and spinal injury lawyer as soon as possible, you have a strong advocate to handle all communications with the insurance company and to negotiate a proper settlement for you.

You or a loved one shouldn't be bothered handling all the details of your case during such a trying time. However, if an adjuster calls you before your legal counsel is in place, here’s how to handle the call.

Get Contact Information

Remain calm and polite when talking to an adjuster. Simply ask for your claim number and their contact information.

Provide Limited Personal Information

Only provide basic information about yourself or the patient. This includes name, address, telephone number, type of work, and place of employment. You're not required to discuss job details or income.

Don't Discuss the Accident or Injuries

You're also not required to provide details about the accident except for the date, time, and location. The adjuster might press on for information about any injuries suffered, but you or a loved one can simply say this information will be provided at a later date.

Don't Agree to Give a Recorded Statement

The adjuster may ask you or the injured party to provide a recorded statement, which is a recorded question and answer session later transcribed into a written document. It's never a good idea to agree to give one because statements can be used against the case in settlement negotiations and in court. This is especially true if you or a loved one is medicated during injury recovery—something might be said that inadvertently hurts the case.

Don't Discuss Settlement of Your Claim

An adjuster might offer to settle your claim quickly, which is always tempting when there are bills to pay and no income. However, don't accept the offer or begin negotiations. Let your legal counsel first accurately value your claim and fight for all the compensation you deserve—which can be a substantial amount if a brain or spinal cord injury resulting from the accident.

End the conversation as quickly as possible by politely informing the adjuster that your attorney will contact them. Hopefully, they won't call again.

Injured In a Kansas City Area Brain or Spinal Injury Accident?

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