Many victims are tempted to believe that if police arrive at an accident scene, all of the vital evidence will be preserved when it comes time to file a lawsuit. However, police are primarily concerned with clearing the crash site, not protect your legal rights in a lawsuit. As a result, vital evidence can be cleared away—or even intentionally destroyed—in as little as a few hours after the crash.

Here are just a few ways your case could be undermined after a semi-truck accident:

  • Altered evidence. The trucking industry is a major business, and its investigators and attorneys are deployed to crash sites as soon as possible to mitigate damage. These parties are trained to protect their companies in any way they can, such as taking photographs that can be used to discredit the victims and removing evidence that could be linked to company negligence.
  • Truck driver coaching. Truckers are often coached on what to say after an accident takes place. As employees of the trucking company, they know their livelihood is at stake if they say anything that could be construed as fault for the accident.
  • Destroyed evidence. Some of the most vital pieces of evidence belong to the trucking company, such as the driver’s logs and the truck’s maintenance and inspection reports. As you can imagine, trucking companies are extremely reluctant to share this information with victims, and can even legally destroy these records after a short period of time. The only thing that can protect truck crash evidence owned by the trucking company is a spoliation letter from an attorney, which is a formal request to preserve all documents and send copies to the attorney for review.

As many trucking companies have unlimited resources when it comes to avoiding liability, it is vital that you have an attorney working on your side as soon as possible. 

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