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What is “crashworthiness,” and how does it affect my car accident case?

It’s not enough for automakers to take safety measures to prevent a crash; they are also responsible for taking safety measures to minimize injuries if a crash does occur. After all, the majority of car crash injuries are not caused by the car striking the victim, but as the victim strikes objects on the inside of his own vehicle.

“Crashworthiness” is a term used to grade how well your car insulates you from an impact. Every element of the vehicle can play a role in crashworthiness. Often, it is more than one defective part that causes a lapse in safety.

Where Do Crashworthiness Oversights Occur?

  • Exterior – Anyone who has driven past a rollover crash on I-70 knows how important it is for the roof to hold after a serious accident. Any flaw in the steel structure of a vehicle has the potential to crush and kill a car’s occupants, while tire failure can cause the car to spin out of control.
  • Interior – Nearly any element of the interior of a car may malfunction, including seat belts, airbags, windows, door latches, and any one of the car’s many integrated systems.
  • Overall design – The individual components of a car must be working properly, but they must also be connected in a way that allows them to work together for maximum safety. For example, designing the hood in a way that forces the engine into the car in a head-on collision, or using cheap wire insulation that can cause the electrical system to short out on the road unnecessarily, puts the car’s occupants at risk every time they enter the vehicle.

How Can I Tell If My Car Was Not Crashworthy?

In most cases, a crashworthiness oversight occurs when any vehicle performs in a way that did protect the driver and the passenger as it should have. If an investigator finds that your car crash results were far different than those of the company’s successful crash tests, you may have a valid crashworthiness car accident case. Visit our testimonials page to find out how we have helped investigate similar accidents in the past.


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