Our advice is to make sure that you don’t do the following 5 things, or you risk ruining your claim. We suggest that you contact a Kansas City personal injury attorney as soon as you can after you are involved in an accident for the best outcome possible.


  1. Exaggerate or make up symptoms and/or injuries
  2. Give a recorded statement to the insurance company
  3. Fail to show up for doctor’s appointments related to your accident injuries
  4. Fail to follow physician directions or stop treatment before it is finished
  5. Fail to document your symptoms


The insurance company is likely to investigate your claim to see if you really can’t do the things you said you can’t. This can include video surveillance. If they catch you doing those things you have ruined your claim. Your best bet is to make sure you don’t lie or exaggerate because they will find out. Also, avoid giving a recorded statement to the insurance company. They ask for this in hopes you will say something that will allow them to deny or reduce your settlement. You are not required to give this statement regardless of what they say. Sometimes your lawyer can handle communications with the insurance on your behalf. Make sure you show up for all doctor’s appointments and treatments, follow the doctor’s recommendations, and continue until treatment is completed. You can document your symptoms and limitations with a daily journal.

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