You can expect a number of things from us, as your attorneys, including but not limited to:
  • Initial consultation and interview;
  • Discussions concerning your medical care options, at the outset and whenever necessary during the course of the case;
  • Obtain the police report concerning the accident and interviewing known witnesses if necessary;
  • If you have not already done so, obtain photographs of the vehicular damage and the accident scene and injuries if necessary or appropriate;
  • Review and analyze the insurance coverage's available to you in connection with accident
  • Obtain medical records and medical billings concerning your medical care;
  • Determine whether any money spent to pay your medical bills by a third


Party, such as Medicare or health insurance, must be repaid; 

  • Contact insurance companies and put them on notice of claim; 
  • When medical treatment has been completed, organize, review, and analyze all treatment records and billings; 
  • Determine the appropriate value of your case and prepare a comprehensive demand package; 
  • Attempt to negotiate a settlement with the insurance carriers; 
  • Obtain a settlement offer that the attorney, based upon years of experience negotiating hundreds of cases, is confident is the highest possible offer 
  • Advise you regarding the pros and cons of resolving your case for the highest offer procured versus filing a lawsuit and proceeding with litigation; the advice is based upon an extensive analysis that includes many factors intended to allow you to make a fully informed decision whether to resolve your case at the offered amount or proceed with litigation. If settlement cannot be reached, file suit on your behalf; 
  • Prepare written discovery (questions and answers) on behalf of client and take appropriate depositions.

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