Very simply put, a workers' compensation case involves any type of claim where a person has been injured or killed as a result of an on the job injury or industrial disease. There are many varieties and causes of work injury claims. Work injury claims can arise from lifting; bending; motor vehicle accidents of all kinds; slip-and-fall accidents; from a failure to use safety devices; from a co-workers' actions; and from prolonged exposure to excessive noise to name a few.

Following a work accident that results in an injury or death, you will be confronted with a variety of issues that will require your attention. For example:

  • I've been injured on the job, what do I do?
  • I've been injured on the job. What should my employer do?
  • Where can I get medical care?
  • Who is responsible for my medical bills?
  • If I cannot work, who will be responsible for compensating me for lost wages?
  • Should I give a statement to the insurance company?
  • I am having a dispute with my employer about my workers' compensation benefits. What can I do to resolve it?
  • I'm not happy with the company doctor's medical treatment. Can I refuse medical care?
  • Are there any injuries that are excluded from being compensable under the law?

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