Yes. One of the biggest challenges motorcyclists face is controlling their speed through a turn. If a biker pulls into a curve too fast, he may cross into another lane of traffic, skid off the road, or overcorrect the motion and lose control of the bike, opening himself and others up to serious injury.

Whether you’re taking the winding exit off of the Heart of America Bridge or going through the roundabout in City Market, here is the method for making a safe and controlled turn on your bike:

  • Slow. Reduce your speed before going into a turn, rather than braking inside it. If necessary, use both brakes and closing the throttle to slow down as you approach the turn.
  • Look. Look as far as you can along your bike’s route through the turn. Remember to keep your eyes level with the horizon and turn only your head—not your shoulders.
  • Press. Instead of leaning your full body weight into the curve, press on the handgrip in the direction of the turn. A slow curve will need less pressure, and a tight turn will need a harder lean. Adjust your pressure and body position as the curve straightens.
  • Roll. As you continue through the turn, roll on the throttle to stabilize the suspension. Keeping your speed as steady as possible will keep the motorcycle stable and allow you the best control.

If your motorcycle accident was caused by the actions of a passing driver, you are entitled to payment for your medical bills and property damage, including the amount of repairs you paid to fix your bike (or the cost of your motorcycle if it was totaled in the crash). However, getting fair payment for these injuries is notoriously difficult—especially if the court does not have a fair outlook on motorcycle riders. 

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