In Missouri, The Second Injury Fund was created to provide an injured employee with compensation when he or she has a current injury that combines with a prior disability resulting in a more severe disability such that the resulting disability as a whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This is a very specific area of law that often requires the help of a skilled attorney. The prior disability must be a permanent preexisting disability and must be "of such seriousness as to constitute a hindrance or obstacle to employment."


The Fund may also provide benefits for physical rehabilitation if you qualify. The Fund may also provide second job wage loss benefits for injuries that occurred after August 28, 1998 if you were injured at your first job and are also unable to work at your second job due to the injury.


To ensure that you comply with the Second Injury Fund requirements for compensation, please contact one of the experienced attorneys at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys to ensure your rights are protected such as filing a Claim for Compensation in a timely manner.


In Kansas, the Workers' Compensation Fund (formerly known as the Second Injury Fund) provides coverage when second injury claims are involved, the employer is insolvent or the law does not require insurance companies to cover your claim. Legislation adopted in 1993 severely limited the Fund's responsibility, providing that the Fund would not be responsible for claims with accident dates after July 1, 1994. The Kansas Insurance Department has assumed a number of expenses related to insolvent employer cases. The Fund also continues to remain liable for second-injury cases involving individuals with pre-existing impairments with accident dates prior to July 1, 1994.

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