Vocational rehabilitation is voluntary under Kansas workers’ compensation law. However, if vocational rehab is important to you, then your Kansas City workers’ compensation attorney may fight hard to persuade your employer and/or your employer’s insurer to provide it for you.

Generally, if your employer and employer’s insurance company agree to vocational rehabilitation, then you will be assigned a Qualified Rehabilitation Professional who works for a Qualified Rehabilitation Provider. These professionals and providers have been approved by the Kansas Divisions of Workers Compensation and will help you perform a vocational assessment, develop a rehabilitation plan, or both.

The goal of your vocational rehabilitation is to get you back to work. This may be the same job with the same employer, a different job with the same employer, or a different job with a different employer.

If your employer, or employer’s insurer, is unwilling to provide this valuable service, you may be entitled to seek similar services through the state vocational rehabilitation agency.

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