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My husband seems depressed since his recent I-49 car accident brain injury. Should I be worried?


It is understandable that your husband is depressed if he has suffered a brain injury in an I-49 car accident. So much has changed. He may be unable to work or to enjoy the things that he did prior to the crash. He may be unable to communicate, to move, or even to think the way that he did prior to the crash.

You Are Right to Be Concerned

While your husband’s depression is understandable, it could also be serious. You don’t want your husband to suffer emotionally when he is already suffering physically. Most importantly, you don’t want to risk further physical injury.

A recent study found that traumatic brain injury victims were three times more likely to die young than people in the general population. One of the reasons for the increased risk was a suicide. Substance abuse was another factor. Depression could increase the risk for both suicide and substance abuse.

Don’t Let Depression Go Untreated

An early death is not an inevitable outcome for every brain injury victim. Instead, you can fight to get your husband the care that he deserves after an I-49 car accident brain injury. That care may include psychological support to treat depression.

For more information about how to help your husband during this difficult time, please read our FREE book, The Brain Injury Survivor’s Guide, and please contact us today via this website if you we can be of any assistance to you.


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