While drivers should be cautious any time they approach a four-way stop, some intersections are far more dangerous than others. Whether it is a meeting of two major highways, a high-volume traffic area, or a blind corner, it only takes a single factor to turn a busy intersection into a crash site.

The 10 Most Dangerous Kansas City Intersections

According to the most recent data from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the most dangerous intersection in Kansas City in 2012 was the junction of Interstate 70 and Interstate 435. This site saw 60 total car accidents and 15 injuries that year, and has been one of the deadliest intersections for many years running.

Here are the 10 most deadly intersections (by number of crashes) in 2012:

  1. I-70 and I-435 – 60 collisions and 15 injuries.
  2. 64th Street and I-29 – 35 collisions and 12 injuries.
  3. 23rd Street and I-435 – 34 collisions and 19 injuries.
  4. I-70 and the Blue Ridge Cutoff – 31 collisions and eight injuries.
  5. Broadway and Fifth Street – 30 collisions and one injury.
  6. Bannister and U.S. 71 – 29 collisions and five injuries.
  7. Front Street and I-435 – 29 collisions and five injuries.
  8. I-435 and 87th Street – 28 collisions and 15 injuries.
  9. U.S. 71 and Red Bridge Road – 27 collisions and 13 injuries.
  10. Vivion Road and Oak Trafficway – 27 crashes and eight injuries.

Drivers: Beware of Side-Impact Accidents on These Roads

Intersections are particularly dangerous because they involve many different vehicles traveling in multiple directions. Many side-impact (or T-bone) accidents occur when a driver runs a red light through an intersection or attempts an ill-advised turn—striking the side or front end of another vehicle. The angle of impact causes many t-boned cars to spin, roll over, or slide into another vehicle or an obstacle at the side of the road.

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