The answer depends on the unique circumstances of your case, and if you have been injured by a prescription drug, it is an answer that your Kansas City defective drug attorney will investigate.

Generally, a drug manufacturer may be at fault for the harm caused by the medication if the pharmaceutical company was negligent in its testing of the drug, in its marketing of the drug, or in some other aspect of ensuring patient safety.

Similarly, a pharmacist may be at fault if the pharmacist was negligent in dispensing the medication. For example, if the pharmacist gives the wrong prescription to the wrong person or dispenses the wrong dose of the medication, then the pharmacist may be at fault.

Sometimes, however, it is not the drug manufacturer or the pharmacist who is at fault, but rather the prescribing doctor. If the doctor was negligent in prescribing a particular drug to a particular patient or was careless in transferring the prescription information to the pharmacy, then the doctor may be at fault for the resulting injury.

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