If you were hurt in a car accident, then what matters are the facts of your specific case. The gender of the driver is irrelevant. If the driver negligently or intentionally caused your accident then you, together with your Independence, MO auto accident lawyer have the right to pursue damages.


That said, the research and statistics about gender differences remain important in helping to prevent other accidents. Teenage boys and teenage girls should all receive the same driver’s education, and they should all be taught about the dangers of distracted driving, reckless driving and drunk driving. However, parents and driving teachers can better understand the specific risks facing certain new drivers and reinforce appropriate safety measures if the research indicates which group is more likely to behave in certain ways.


For example, some research suggests that girls are more likely to be distracted by cell phones while driving, while boys are more likely to be distracted by in car passengers. While not every boy and not every girl fits into these generalizations, parents may keep an extra vigilant eye on their child to see if the research results do apply and take the necessary steps to prevent accidents.

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