We live in the age of the insta-share. As soon as something happens—from a good meal to a fender bender—we want to let our circle of friends know. Few people realize, though, that even when their social media accounts are seemingly set to “private,” there is much information that can be gathered from these pages. Insurance adjusters and defense attorneys are well aware of this. As a result, they often check car accident victims’ social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and personal blogs, to see what they can find that can be used to deny their claim.

What Investigators Can Find Out Via Social Media

Insurance adjusters have always gone to great lengths to save their employers money. They have always used surveillance tactics to try to catch victims in a lie. Now, modern technology trends have made their job much easier. With a simple check of your Facebook page, they could prove that you:

  • are lying about the extent of your injuries
  • are lying about the details of the accident
  • do not remember the details of the accident clearly
  • were intoxicated at the time of the accident
  • were distracted at the time of the accident
  • are at least partially to blame for the car accident.

Unfortunately, even when your social media accounts are set to private, you may still inadvertently be sharing information that can later be used against you. It is therefore crucial to use extra caution when posting or utilizing a social media account after a crash. In many cases, your attorney may advise you to avoid using these accounts altogether until after the claim has settled or otherwise reached resolution.

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