Why not to sign insurance company's medical release form Kansas City Accident Injury AttorneysNo, you shouldn't sign the insurance company’s blanket medical authorization form. While the request can seem innocent, it may not be. You could actually weaken your motorcycle accident case. It could take longer and be more difficult to settle your claim for its proper value.

How Signing the Insurance Company’s Medical Release Hurts Your Claim

It's true that in order to settle your claim, the negligent driver’s insurance company will need medical records pertaining to the injuries you suffered in the motorcycle collision. However, you can provide the adjuster with these records without signing a full medical release. Here are the reasons why giving the insurance company access to all your medical records is a bad idea.

Too Much Information

Most insurance companies use blanket medical authorization forms that allow access all of a motorcycle victim’s medical records. You don't need to reveal your entire medical history—only what pertains directly to crash and supports your claim for proper injury compensation.


Here's a kicker: if you allow unlimited access to your medical records, this actually increases the likelihood that there will be disputes with the insurance company over the viability of your claim. This doesn't happen in every case, but some adjusters might try to fish for harmful information, such as pre-existing medical conditions, which they can use to reduce or deny your claim.

Invasion of Privacy

Signing the insurance company's medical release permits full access to your medical history.  This allows an adjuster to review irrelevant and sensitive information about your prior medical conditions. This invasion of privacy isn't required to settle your claim.

Were You Injured in a Kansas City Area Motorcycle Accident?

Hire a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. He can take over communications with the insurance adjuster, provide the carrier with medical records it truly needs to evaluate the claim, and negotiate your settlement.

Don't be surprised if the insurance adjuster calls you within days of your accident and asks that you sign the carrier's medical authorization form. Politely refuse to do so and inform the adjuster that your attorney will be in contact soon.

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