Getting medical treatment after a motorcycle accident in KS or MOYou should be examined by a physician within a day or two after your motorcycle accident, even if you don't believe you suffered any injuries or think you only have minor health issues. Don't make the mistake of trying to “tough it out” as some victims do. You could make it harder to receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries under Kansas or Missouri law.

Why You Should Seek Prompt Medical Care After a Motorcycle Crash

While it's an easy decision to seek medical care if you suffered an apparent injury in a motorcycle collision, it can be harder to know what to do if you only think you suffered cuts or bruises, or feel minor pain. However, it's always best to be examined by a physician within 48 hours of your accident. Here's why.

To Protect Your Health

Your number one priority after a motorcycle accident should be your health. Adrenaline may initially mask the symptoms of your injuries and lead you to believe you're not hurt. In addition, the symptoms of some injuries could take days or longer to develop, or your condition worsens if not attended to right away.

Serious medical conditions you might not initially be aware of include:

If you delay seeking medical care, you may not realize the severity of the injury until your condition is life-threatening.

To Strengthen a Compensation Claim

You also make a case against the negligent driver stronger if you see a doctor right after the crash. If you delay doing this, you give the insurance company ammunition it can use to pay less than you're entitled to—or deny your claim altogether.

Here are common arguments an insurance adjuster may raise:

  • Your injuries were caused by another incident before or after your motorcycle accident.
  • The injuries aren't that serious or you would have gone to the doctor sooner.
  • You made your medical condition worse by not getting medical treatment right away.

Importance of Follow-Up Medical Care

You also need to follow your doctor’s advice and attend all scheduled appointments. If there are gaps in your medical care, you might not recover as quickly. In addition, the insurance company would be more likely to argue about the seriousness of your injuries and the value of your claim.

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