911 cell phone callIf you were involved in a motorcycle accident and do not believe you suffered any injuries, you may be tempted not to call the police at the crash scene even if you know that the other driver was completely at fault in causing it. However, you would be making a big mistake if you do not report the collision. Here's why you should call 911 to protect your rights in the future.

You Could Be Required to Report the Motorcycle Collision

In both Kanas and Missouri, you must report most motorcycle and other motor vehicle crashes under state law. However, the requirements are slightly different in each state.

Duty to Report in Missouri

If your motorcycle accident occurred in Missouri, you have a duty to report it in most cases. You must contact the police in any of these situations:

  • Any vehicle in the accident suffered $500 or more in property damage.
  • An individual suffered injuries or was killed.
  • A vehicle was damaged when parked, and the owner cannot be identified.
  • You are required to report the collision under your motorcycle insurance policy.

Duty to Report in Kansas

The requirement to report a motorcycle accident is slightly different in Kansas. You should call the police or report the accident yourself if they do not come to the scene in these situations:

  • The accident caused $1,000 or more in property damage.
  • A person involved in the motorcycle accident suffered injuries or was killed.
  • A driver or passenger involved in the collision was not present at the scene or was unable to obtain a driver's contact information.

Why Report a Motorcycle Accident Even If You Don't Believe You Suffered Injuries

Even if you do not have a duty to report your motorcycle crash under Missouri or Kansas law, you should call 911 immediately—even if you didn't suffer any apparent injuries. Here are reasons why this is so important:

  • Filing a claim. You may later discover that you suffered a serious hidden injury, like traumatic brain injury, spinal or back injuries, or internal injuries, or that your motorcycle needs more expensive repairs than you originally thought. You may need the police report if you decide to file a claim with the negligent driver's or your own insurance company.
  • Preserving evidence. You will have to prove the other motorist's negligence in order to receive compensation for your injuries if you experience symptoms of an injury in the days or weeks after your wreck. The police report could include vital information to help you prove this, such as witness statements, an officer's conclusions as to who was at fault, and any traffic citations issued to the other driver.

You protect your right to compensation and build a winning case by contacting the police whether or not you think you will need to file an insurance claim or believe you were hurt in the crash. You also cut off arguments the insurance company could make to try to deny your claim or pay you less money than you deserve by reporting your collision.

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