Trucks are equipped with large fuel tanks to haul heavy goods from one city to another. Unfortunately, this fuel may spill or combust in an accident, causing a fire to ignite and spread rapidly. People have died from severe burns due to truck accident fires, but also as a result of smoke inhalation because their injuries prevented them from exiting their wrecked vehicles.

While you will still be filing a personal injury lawsuit for any fire-related injuries, you should know that fires after impact are a leading cause of truck accident deaths. If a fire after impact resulted in the death of a loved one, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim against the company, especially if the fleet owner displayed negligence that made a fire more likely.

Here are a few factors that can increases the odds of a semi truck fire after a crash:

  • Fuel tank problems: leaks, improper placement, or poor maintenance
  • Fuel line defects: clogs due to skipped maintenance checks
  • Muffler issues: improper design or placement of the muffler
  • Defective electrical systems: causing sparks within the truck or cab
  • Tire defects: under-inflation, overheating, or defective wheel bearings
  • Brake problems: worn pads or calipers that overheat
  • Other ignition or fuel sources: additional malfunctioning electronics or grease deposits on the cab or trailer

A case of negligence can help you recover compensation, but also help punish the company for its wrongdoing. If the court finds that the trucking company should have been aware of potential dangers before the accident occurred, the company may be ordered to pay a large sum in punitive damages. Not only will this force the company to part with its profits, it also helps protect others against similar injuries in the future.

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