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When you are injured on the job, Missouri provides a no-fault compensation system designed to help you maintain financial stability while you heal. Work injuries often present complex medical and legal issues. If employees attempt to “go it alone” against their company’s insurance agent, they will often find their claim denied or become buried in paperwork before they see a dime.

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, our Lee’s Summit workers’ compensation lawyers have been helping injured workers for decades. We fight against unjust employers and insurance companies who want to deny legitimate claims. We represent Missouri workers in all industry sectors. Let us help.

What are some common workplace accidents?

While some industries present specific challenges, any worker in any industry can get hurt on the job. Some of the most common workplace accidents include:

  • Falls on the same level. Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common workplace accidents to take place in all industries. Workers can slip, trip, and fall on walkways or floors because of broken tiles, ripped carpeting, or missing warning signs about wet or dangerous flooring.
  • Falls to a lower level. Employees who work in construction are in danger of succumbing to these types of accidents. Construction workers can fall from scaffolds or ladders, or from work vehicles.
  • Struck by object or equipment. This accident often happens in hard labor industries like construction, warehousing, and shipping. Objects falling from shelves or workplace vehicles can also cause harm.
  • Crushing injuries. Manufacturing, construction, and warehouse employees may be most likely to suffer crushing accidents. Machine presses pose a particular risk.
  • Animal attacks. The Economic Development Council reports that Lee’s Summit is “located within the most concentrated area of animal health companies in the world.” Working with this many animals – whether as a veterinarian or a lab worker, or in any capacity – increases the risk of an animal attack.

What are some common workplace injuries in Lee’s Summit?

Some common workplace injuries include:

  • Spinal cord injuries. These injuries happen when the bundle of nerves around the spinal canal experience any type of damage. These injuries can happen as a result of slip and fall accidents, vehicle accidents (if the occupation involves driving), construction site accidents, and accidents happening at a warehouse.
  • Traumatic brain injuries. These injuries occur when a worker experiences a blunt blow or penetrating blow to the head. These injuries can happen when an employee is struck by an object, vehicle accidents, and physical assault.
  • Chronic pain. This type of nerve or musculoskeletal injury can happen in occupations like the retail, restaurant, construction, and warehouse industries where workers are constantly overexerting their bodies.
  • Amputations. These types of injuries happen in hard labor positions where workers are consistently using heavy machinery. Employees are at risk of becoming stuck between the machines and losing a limb or body part.
  • Overexertion. Workers can become victims of this accident by constantly lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, or carrying heavy objects. The Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index revealed that overexertion was the highest workplace accident that occurred in 2018, accounting for 23.4 percent of workplace accidents nationwide.
    • Other exertions or bodily reactions. Bodily reactions refer to the strenuous effort that employees use to perform their job. An example of other exertions would be repetitive body motions. This type of accident accounted for 7.2 percent of workplace accidents nationwide.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome. This type of injury is a repetitive motion injury where employees experience chronic pain after performing the same type of physical activity repeatedly. Some employees who suffer from this type of injury are employees working in the administrative industry, agricultural employees, cashiers, and assembly line employees.

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What kinds of benefits can I receive from workers’ compensation?

If you are an employee and you are hurt at work, you can apply for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits cover:

  • Medical expenses, including ER care, therapy, medications, and hospitals visits, to name a few. They last until you reach your maximum medical improvement (MMI), which is the point where your doctor believes you have healed as much as you can. You are, however, also entitled to benefits for any medical treatments needed to keep your condition stable.
  • Wage loss benefits. These can be temporary (lasting until you reach your MMI) or permanent. Typically, temporary wage loss benefits are about two-thirds of your salary.

You may also be entitled to additional benefits for permanent scarring and disfigurement, occupational illnesses, or even death benefits if your loved one dies on the job. Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys can help you file for the right type of compensation, and fight to ensure that you receive it.

Why do Lee’s Summit employers deny workers’ compensation claims?

When filing a workers’ compensation claim, there are specific actions that employees must take. The first action is filing a compensation claim within the desired time limit. The second action is to collect as much information that helps strengthen the employee’s claim, like medical records. Still, some employers will deny workers’ compensation claims for various reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Not reporting the injury immediately. Workers’ compensation insurers are skeptical of claims where the employee’s injury was not immediately reported. The assumption is that the employee was not really hurt since the employer was not immediately notified of the injury. Depending on the state, most employers require employees to notify them of any work-related injuries at least seven days after the incident.
  • Noticing inconsistencies between the accident report and an employee’s initial medical records. If insurers find any inconsistencies within the employee’s statements, they can use that as justification to deny an employee’s claim. An example of an inconsistency would be telling an employer that an accident occurred one way, but then telling the physician that the accident occurred in a different way.
  • Refusing to provide the insurance company with a recorded statement. During the claims process, insurers will request that injured employees provide a recorded statement that describes the accident and the injuries. This puts the employee in a difficult position, especially for employees who want to resist issuing a statement before speaking to a workers’ compensation lawyer. When insurers ask for a statement, that is an indication that the insurer has a problem with the claim. If the employee refuses to offer a statement, the insurer can use that as justification to prevent the employee from even beginning the claims process.
  • Not being classified as an employee. Non-employees, like contractors, are not entitled to workers’ compensation. If you are a contractor or site visitor who is hurt on a job, you will need to file a personal injury lawsuit

When should I contact a Lee’s Summit workers’ compensation lawyer?

You should contact a Lee’s Summit workers’ compensation lawyer if you find yourself in the following positions:

  • Your employer believes that your injury happened outside of the workplace.
  • Your employer stated that you were at fault for your injury and are not entitled to payment.
  • The employer’s insurer has tried to persuade you not to seek the counsel of a workers’ compensation lawyer.
  • The insurer is pressuring you to make a statement before granting your benefits.
  • The company doctor grants permission to return to work, but you do not feel ready to return.
  • Your benefits have been denied, delayed, or terminated before your recovery.

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