Internal Injuries Caused in a Car Accident

Even when the vehicles involved in an auto accident are traveling at relatively slow speeds, victims can suffer serious injuries and even death.

One catastrophic injury caused in a collision is internal organ damage. In some cases, a person may not realize he has internal injuries until days after the crash, when symptoms develop—and sometimes when the damage is life-threatening.

Common Internal Injuries Due to Car Crashes

Organs can be damaged due to the blunt impact force of a collision, or when an object punctures someone. These injuries occur whether or not a person wore a seat belt.

Here are typical crash-related internal injuries:

Abdominal aorta aneurysm.

If the stomach is compressed in a collision, it can cause the abdominal aorta—the body’s major blood vessel—to rupture, which is often fatal.

Broken ribs.

This is a common injury that manifests into a more serious condition, such as damaged lungs, kidneys, or major blood vessels.


Pneumothorax is a collapsed lung often caused by the lung being punctured and air leaking in the space between the lung and chest wall. It can require immediate medical treatment and puts the victim at risk for experiencing another pneumothorax within one or two years of the first one.

Ruptured spleen.

This is a common injury due to its proximity to the abdomen, and any force or compression of the region can lead to internal bleeding. If the damage is severe enough, the spleen may need to be removed.

Lacerated liver.

The liver produces proteins necessary for blood clotting, makes chemicals needed for digestion, metabolizes toxins, and is a vital organ to the body’s functioning. If it’s torn apart or otherwise seriously damaged in a car accident, immediate surgery may be needed to avoid complications or death.

Renal trauma.

Damage to a kidney may require an organ transplant or long-term dialysis. Acute damage can cause fatal internal bleeding.

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